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We are seeking individuals who are willing to learn and create a career for themselves within our collective. 

Straight up – you are the social voice of a forward-thinking company. Use this platform to share our vision with the world.

  • Create and implement a social media calendar to manage content and campaigns across all platforms. Primarily Instagram and Twitter
  • Must grow accounts by being active every day + curate engaging content (polls, giveaways, contests, stories etc.)
  • Responsible for capturing all “behind the scenes” content via stories, videos + pictures
  • Brainstorm and provide campaign ideas weekly
  • Must have an eye for photography
  • Must be able to replicate our style of Instagram Stories and ensure consistent voice/branding throughout platforms
  • Responsible for social media content management and organization of the Google Drive storage
Compensation and opportunities increase with experience. No prior experience is needed (but HIGHLY desired).

  • Must be able to move 35lbs
  • You don’t mind working late night/early morning hours to create an unforgettable experience
  • Able to dedicate ~8+ hours a week to learning, concepting, organization, and testing
  • Must have an attention-to-detail and can work in fast-paced environments
  • Must be purposeful with time management and getting faster every day to meet deadlines smoothly (and create more time for ourselves)
  • You believe in mastering the basics to create a foundation for exponential growth
  • Must be able to work well independently, and with a team
  • Must be willing to work in renegade (sometimes trespassing) situations and operate calmly with a positive attitude

  • Find unique locations and venues, research all details including capacity, cost, permits, parking, address, contacts, etc. Maintain a “master doc” with all of this information
  • Plan, manage and help execute event plans, schedules, budgets, and logistics
  • Co-manage all internal and external communication around events, keeping departments up to date with plans and expectations onsite
  • Work with internal teams and third-party vendors to plan and develop event programming
  • Assist with onsite signage creation, placement and content strategy
  • Assist in coordination with artists
  • Meeting with Production Team to ensure all equipment is accounted for, organized, and ready for every event
  • You will be required to attend all events

  • Responsible for creating all official Facebook events, sponsored posts etc.
  • Ensure all media content and event details are consistent across all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Website)
  • Share DEF content and press releases with blogs, media, and news outlets
  • Brainstorm and present marketing campaigns at every meeting + create marketing calendar for future events/projects.
  • Constantly growth hack to help elevate the pre, during and post-show engagement
  • Discover ways to get DEF connected with regional events  (i.e. festival pre-parties, hosting a stage, volunteering, cleanups)
  • Discover ways to get DEF connected with local/regional communities and organizations (LBGTQ groups, environmental groups etc.)
  • Proudly organize partnerships, sponsorships, and outreach for all events and projects.
  • Maintain e-mail blasts, promotions, subscription lists etc.
Compensation and opportunities increase with experience.

  • We are looking for photographers that have experience shooting concerts & festivals
  • You will work directly with the Creative Director to achieve a specific vision and branding that must be carried on through our photos
  • Must be flexible and willing to adapt our style of editing, as well as take it to the next level
  • Must be comfortable shooting on film and digital
  • Must be able to contribute at least 2 hours a week (shooting content or working an event)
Compensation and opportunities increase with experience.
We are looking to build a team of passionate artists to represent DEF across various creative mediums and to fulfill commissions. We are looking to give these artists our platform, access to our shared tools, and a team of other artists to help grow their audience organically through promotion and collaborations. Artists helping artists. We are always accepting artist submissions of any kind i.e. mixes, demos, album cover art, 3D renders, light or art installations, visuals etc. Anything.

  • Designers (c4d, photoshop, after effects, etc.)
  • Producers + musicians
  • Visual Artists
  • VJ’s
  • Lighting Artists
  • Welders
  • Street Artists

Have a project idea or something else you want to brainstorm with us? Hit us up.